Accounting in the UK can be seen hard target, especially if you have language difficulties or live abroad and don’t know the British regulations and law. With our high specialized accountants in online marketing you will be on good hands. Your goals are sales and now you can fully concentrate on them with outsourcing all accounting and fulfilment engagements.

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We from Easyadd Fulfilment & Logistics are here to help your business grow easily!


Limited company registration

Opening a Limited Company in the UK can be difficult. We will fill in the necessary forms and assist you in the registration process.

Corporation tax submission

Using information from your balance sheet we can submit your annual corporation tax return.


VAT return

Usually created every 3 months all VAT have to be submitted to HMRC

£160 per quarter period


We will calculate yours employees monthly salaries and yours director’s as well, sending information to HMRC each month.
£30 per person

Annual Company accounting

Including payroll for one person and corporation corporation tax return.

Starts from £63 per month

or £749 yearly.

Tax return-Self employed

We will create your self assessment and if you have overpaid government will return your outstanding funds. We are by your side to advise you on how to optimize your taxes and fill in your self-assessment form correctly.


Individual consultation

30-minute consultation at a time convenient for you, during which you can ask us all the accounting questions that interest you.

30 minutes

Each our customer with stock stored in our warehouses will have 10% discount in all accounting services. Everyone who decides to work with us will receive £50 discount from his/her consultation.

We save you TIME and EFFORTS!

We appreciate you trust us with your information!

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