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How does the fulfillment system work?
1. You ship your goods to our UK warehouse
2. We store your goods in our warehouse until they are ordered

3. When you receive an order, you forward it to us, and we collect and pack it

4. We prepare the order and hand it over to an English courier for delivery

What are the benefits of this service?
You are expanding your business
You get closer to your customers, who find you easier on platform search engines because they often exclude merchants from other countries from their search.

You save time and money
People who turn to us most often have the following 2 problems. It takes them a long time to pack their orders, and keeping the goods in their homes causes a problem at one point.
Practice has shown a drastic reduction in these problems and raising the rating of the trader.

Very fast delivery
In many cases, shipping the products separately from your home to the end customer will be more expensive than the cost of sending them all at once, plus the cost of the fulfillment service and internal postage. On the other hand, you are more competitive and have the opportunity for higher prices.

Why use this service instead of sending the goods from Bulgaria?
We provide several key benefits that save time and resources:

Reliability of deliveries – the goods are in our warehouse in Bulgaria or England. A professional team takes care of its storage, processing and sending to the buyer
Short delivery times – up to 2 days for standard courier service and within 24 hours for express delivery. For comparison, sending from Bulgaria takes 7 – 14 days
Low cost of delivery compared to sending a product from Bulgaria.
You manage all processes from one place – your profile on our site and you have a look at the whole trading scheme
Customers have more confidence in suppliers who have their country and are willing to pay a higher price for fast delivery

Will I be able to offer my products if I do not speak a foreign language well?
Yes. We offer comprehensive support in preparing descriptions in different languages, according to the markets in which you want to sell. You need to have appropriate images of products and descriptions in Bulgarian.
What is the shelf life of my product in the warehouse and what happens if it is not sold after this time?
You decide how long to store your goods in the warehouse and when to return them. Payments are on a monthly basis, you do not pay any fees if you have not used the service.
What happens if my goods are damaged while being stored in a warehouse in England?
Damages are borne by us, except in cases where the expiration date has expired.
What is the procedure for returning the goods purchased by the customer, according to European legislation within 14 days?
The returned goods received in the warehouse are inspected for visible defects and at your discretion are released for resale. The Return and back to stock service is completely FREE, unlike the practice of all others, for additional charges for returned shipments.
What do I need to do to get involved?
Follow these steps:

Make an inquiry for an individual offer according to the services you need
You send the products to our warehouse;
You make an order to write off the goods. We prepare the shipment and send it to your customer;
You receive information about our actions in real time or at the end of the day for customers without software (Daily confirmation). Each day you will receive a table with sales for the day, charged volume fees, which decrease with each sale and liabilities as of that date;
You have a real-time view of all processes – available quantities, product prices, orders, sales history, accumulated sales, liabilities and more.

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