What do we need to know about Amazon FBA Prep UK ?

The abbreviation FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. It is also called – shipping processing by Amazon. This shipping service model allows sellers to outsource the tasks associated with shipping their products to Amazon. Amazon FBA prep service UK encompasses more than just shipping the products. This article examines which services are covered by FBA and the advantages and disadvantages of using the service in UK.

How does it work?

Anyone who uses shipping through Amazon places the shipping of their products in the hands of the online retailer Amazon. For this purpose, your own products must be sent to one of the Amazon warehouses. Then replenished if necessary. When you recieve an order, Amazon’s picking and sorting system locates the product in the warehouse. Afther that packs it and ship it to the customer. We will provide the customer with a tracking number as soon as it becomes available.

How can FBA Prep UK meet customers shipping needs?

It’s an interesting fact that shipping can be problematic even within the same country, let alone sending a long-awaited package across the pond. While this might be an ordeal for many. It’s no-brainer for Easyadd Fulfilment & Logistics UK. Sellers can rely on Amazon fba prep service uk program to meet the needs of their customers. We are hero to help you build a solid reputation with your target audience.

Important information about Amazon FBA Prep UK

  1. Heavy objects Warning.

If a product exceeds a certain weight, you must notify us and customers of the contents. Place the heavy items warning on each side of the package and on the top of the box!

  • Be careful when handling.

It is recommended to place this warning on fragile and delicate products that can easily break. This will prevent unwanted damage as the warehouse workers take extra care!

  • Sell as a set.

To avoid separating individual items sold as a unit, affix the “Sell as a Set” label to the packaging. However, do not forget to seal all items properly so that it is clear they are sold together.

  • Now everything is ready to send.

The last recommended label to place on your products is the “Ready to Ship” label. Use this label if you do not want your products to be altered or opened.

As you already know, once your product arrives at the fulfillment center, it needs some preparation. However, when your product is ready to be shipped to customers, label it “Ready to Ship” and place it in a box with the FBA barcode.

What are the advantages?

  • You can use an Amazon fba prep service uk ! – Because your products are stored in our logistic center, you don’t have to worry about storage space elsewhere.
  • There are no minimum requirements. – We have no minimum inventory requirements. So as much /or as little/ as desired can be shipped to the warehouse. However, care should be taken to ensure that there are always enough items in stock.
  • You can concentrate on your company growth. – Tasks such as shipping the products, return processing and customer service are no longer necessary for you and possibly your employees. The time and resources saved can be invested in new projects.
  • With our help you’ll have better product placement. – Products that are fulfilled by us trend to appear higher in search results.
  • We give you higher chance of Buy Box placement. – Prime-qualified products are mostly preferred for the Buy Box. Since Amazon FBA Prep UK automatically carries Prime Qualification, it increases the likelihood that your product will make it into the Buy Box.
  • Let’s make a greater customer appeal. – Customers often prefer products that are fulfilled by Amazon. On the one hand, because Amazon is often given more trust than unknown sellers. On the other hand, because they also benefit from the fast Prime Shipping. It is usually free of charge for customers.
  • UK shipping. – The methods already presented within the Amazon FBA Prep UK program enable uncomplicated shipping throughout the UK.
  • Customer service in the national language. – Our customer service, which is available to your customers 24/7 with FBA in the corresponding national language, is great advantage, especially if you often ship in UK.

What about the disadvantages of Amazon FBA Prep UK?

  • Cost – Of course, we do not offer the service for free. More detailed information on the costs of using FBA Prep Center UK is located on our website.
  • Complete control delivery – With the use of the shipping service from us, the entire process from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the goods is in your own hands. It is then no longer possible to influence these processes.
  • Packaging with the logo – Personalized boxes or other externally recognizable references to your own brand are also no longer possible. The products are shipped in our packages. Thus suggesting that we are the seller of the product.

Is Amazon FBA Prep worth using?

If you sell small quantities of items via Amazon, do not need a lot of storage space and can cope well with the effort involved in order processing. FBA will hardly be worthwhile. In this case, you can benefit from maintaining personal contact with your customers. Then sending personalized packages to which you are clearly assigned as the seller.

If you sell larger quantities, but with very small margins, the financial aspect is too important. The use of FBA service in this case will rarely be profitable. The most profitable use of Amazon FBA Prep UK is when there are many sales of high-margin items. On the one hand, in this case, the effort involved in shipping processing is high. That outsourcing these tasks makes a clear difference. The high margins outweigh the cost of the FBA service. The seller can invest the saved time and other resources in new projects.

Amazon FBA Prep UK is a great opportunity for any merchant!

The FBA program is a great opportunity for any merchant starting to establish their brand. Our platform is a perfect for your needs. It has an excellent reputation, an established number of monthly visitors and sensible policies.

However, shipping products to Amazon is no picnic. It can take a lot of effort from you, but it pays off greatly. Remember to print and apply your FBA barcodes and labels correctly for easier product management in the fulfillment center and quick order processing. Play your role perfectly and we will take care of the rest!