What do we know about Amazon fulfillment service UK ?

Learn what  Amazon fulfilment service UK is, what the processes behind it look like and who the service is suitable for. You will also learn more about the potential for Amazon merchants in the future. How to become successful with UK fulfillment service? We will tell you!

Over the past few years, Amazon has developed into the largest online marketplace with the highest sales worldwide. In UK, Amazon has over 250 million items in its product range. For many, Amazon is the number one place to go when it comes to online shopping. This no longer applies to consumers, but also to retailers thanks to Amazon Fulfillment Service.

But it is not only the large selection of products that makes the shopping experience so special. The strong customer loyalty also ensures a great deal of trust in the platform. Products are delivered within a day and can simply be sent back if you do not like them. It is so easy.

But how does Amazon manage to have such a large selection available?

Amazon is no longer an online shop that buys and sells products itself. With the Amazon FBA UK, it has created an environment in which other companies can also sell their own products on Amazon and at the same time benefit from Amazon’s reputation. It doesn’t matter how big the company is and how many products it has in its range. If you have your own product, you can put it on Amazon and reach millions of customers.

You can think of it like a classic marketplace. Dealers have the opportunity to rent a parking space to sell their products more successfully to a large number of customers. Amazon thus offers an extremely attractive opportunity to build a brand or a company in the retail sector with relatively little start-up capital.

The FBA abbreviation stands for ”Fulfillment by Amazon” and means that Amazon not only places the products on the marketplace, but also stores, packs and ships them. This allows retailers to focus on other important tasks, such as product development or marketing, while offering customers fee shipping and Amazon customer support.

 Amazon fulfilment service uk – How does Amazon FBA UK work?

The following sections provide an overview of how Amazon FBA UK works. However, it is beyond the scope of this article to cover each of these steps in detail.  If you would like to delve deeper into the matter, you will find the corresponding link to the detailed blog articles about the individual steps. But it’s not needed. We’re here to help you and make the process easily.

Before you can start selling, you need an Amazon seller account. Registering with Amazon as a seller is fairly simple and clear. After you have clicked on Register in Amazon Seller Central, you do not have to enter anything else apart from your personal data.

While your products are being manufactured, you can take care of your listing, i.e. your offer on Amazon. This consists of the product images, the title, the bullet points, the description and the backend keywords. When you text and images are created, you can put the listing online in a few minutes. Once you have received your product delivery from manufacturer and created your own listing, you can ship your goods to Amazon Fulfillment Center UK.

When your products are in storage, you can release your products for sale. Now the most important part begins with every new product.

The successful launch on Amazon.

When a product is newly listed on Amazon, it has neither sales history nor customer ratings. To see if product is relevant to customers, Amazon gives your listing higher visibility for 60 days. You should use this time for the Amazon advertising opportunity and your first customer reviews.

In terms of storage, shipping, support and returns, you no longer have to worry about anything. As soon as a customer orders your product, it is packed, labeled and shipped by an Amazon employee. “Fulfilled by Amazon” products are delivered to customers via the well-known shipping services. Amazon also handles returns.

Of course, there are Amazon FBA UK fees. This service is not free. In addition to a monthly fee, a brokerage and shipping fee is charged after a successful sale.

Amazon FBA UK process

If you want to sell on Amazon, you basically follow a sequence of the following points. Once a product has been launched, you can repeat the process to scale your own company.

  • Product Research – Finding a suitable product to sell on Amazon is the foundation for the success of your own Amazon FBA business.
  • USP Development – This is about developing and implementing a USP /Unique Selling Proposition/, i.e. a unique selling point for your product.
  • Sourcing – After you have found your product, it is time to search for a manufacturer, as well as to communicate and negotiate with them.
  • Certificates – In order to be allowed to sell in UK, your product must meet the appropriate test certificates depending on the material or use.
  • Packaging – Packaging is not just about design. Legal issues, labels and packaging licensing are also part of this step.
  • Product calculation – An important step is the calculation of your product with an FBA calculator. This is the only way you will know whether your product is really profitable.
  • Import – Importing involves quality control, customs and importing the goods to UK. The goods then go to Amazon FBA warehouse UK.
  • Product images – High-quality product images are a powerful level for more sales on Amazon. Here it is important work with an experienced photographer.
  • Create listing – The listing is the offer on Amazon. There are a few adjustments to optimize the listing for maximum conversations.
  • Launch – The launch is crucial for the success of a product. The right strategy for more sales and reviews is important here.

We offer you Amazon fulfillment service UK and will assist you in the area of online trading!

As everyone of us know, online trade is booming and without professional logistics service providers. It would not be possible to ship customer orders quickly and economically.  Amazon fulfilment service uk takes on all the essential tasks that are necessary for the targeted distribution of goods. After a customer order, UK fulfillment service ensures “all-round carefree logistics” and not only takes over the complete distribution management. In many cases, you can entrust us with other tasks. This includes services in the area of payment transactions, returns management, professional disposal of returned goods and etc.